Tuesday, August 18, 2009


it's taken me forever (a month shy of 2 years) to reach the 100th post mark.
i bet bloggers aren't even doing this anymore, but since i've had a list started for awhile ---i knew it would take me forever to get to 100--- i can't waste it.
besides, i haven't posted in awhile. and this'll be something (relatively) easy.

so now, in no particular oder, i bore you with:
100 things about me...
  1. i was born in lexington hospital; ours was room 233, which was my address growing up as well.
  2. i am the youngest of 13 kids.
  3. i am afraid of fire, bugs, and fear.
  4. roly-polys are just fine though.
  5. i have striped eyelashes
  6. i have a small hole on the side of my left knee.
  7. i think that hole used to be a wart. i was plagued with them when i was little.
  8. i am a procrastinator, much to The Mr.'s chagrin.
  9. but i always arrive on time or early.
  10. i am extremely unobservant, both physically & emotionally.
  11. which makes me the least introspective person ever.
  12. i want to change that.
  13. when i was 3, i was hospitalized for lazy-eye corrective surgery.
  14. it wasn't until i was in the 6th grade that i found out that i did, in fact, have surgery. all i remember is the popsicle stick & eyepatch therapy. and dr. graham.
  15. i also was hospitalized at age 4 for pneumonia.
  16. i've only struck one match in my life. i was 4. and yes, unsupervised. smart like i am, it scared me when it burned me, so i threw it down. behind the couch. idiot! (see #3)
  17. i've been an aunt since i was 4.
  18. i remember the exact date & mortifying moment when in 8th grade i started my period. (sorry!)
  19. i truly was sweet 16 & never kissed. until a month later, with my "1st love"
  20. i still get excited for santa claus!
  21. but The Mr. is the best gift-giver ever. he gets me things i didn't even know i wanted (see #10)
  22. the only gift i ever gave a teacher was a box of chocolate-covered cherries.
  23. chip rhoden challenged me in the 8th grade to say my alphabet backwards.
  24. i succeeded on the first try, and now it's my one talent.
  25. plus naming my family fast.
  26. i cure hiccups by drinking upside down from the opposite side of the glass. (take a minute to picture/practice that. really.)
  27. in the one grad class i took, i once wrote a paper about not being able to write that paper.
  28. i got an A on that paper.
  29. in undergrad, i was constantly criticized for writing like i talk. maybe i should've invented the blog?
  30. in college, i took english (and history) like 4 times. kept dropping the classes.
  31. i learned more about history in my AAH class.--- art & architectural history.
  32. one of my favorite classes.
  33. another was ballroom dancing. i got an A.
  34. i snap funny. each hand snaps a different way.
  35. i love musicals.
  36. i've never broken a bone
  37. but i got 27 stitches in my face.
  38. i love to play all kinds of board/card/word games.
  39. i participated in Odyssey of the Mind. twice.
  40. it wasn't until i was in college that i learned which was the "right" side of the road.
  41. i made an ass of myself on my 1st grade field trip.
  42. i abhor the feeling of strands of wet hair on my hands. i have to spend the time to get each strand off of me before i can keep shampooing.
  43. i lost a ton of hair (for about 4mos) after i had littlebean. showers took way too long!
  44. i got called to the principal's office once. in 6th grade. b/c someone found a dollar that was dropped that i guess i wrote my name on. so he lectured me on writing on government property/vandalism--- something of that sort.
  45. i didn't get caught for accidentally skipping a class in high school.
  46. i love to travel!
  47. i'm the pickiest eater ever
  48. and have never tried pizza.
  49. chicken paprikas (poppycosh) gives me the most google hits.
  50. maybe i'll post the recipe one day!
  51. i have 2 cats- yiminy & doh
  52. i was in high school marching band, & call me a geek, but it was the best thing i could've ever done!
  53. we went to national championships & got 9th in the nation my SR year.
  54. i'm an extremely vivid dreamer.
  55. i can roll my tongue into a hotdog.
  56. i cannot for the life of me roll my r's in spanish.
  57. i took spanish for like 5 years.
  58. no hablo espanol.
  59. i'm generally good at identifying famous voices.
  60. i am not a confident person.
  61. nor am i athletic.
  62. some of my cousins- on a few occasions- have paid me to shuttup.
  63. so one summer i made $27.
  64. i have an uncle who is a priest (monsignor) helping the poor in Brazil.
  65. on many occasions the potter family has had mass conducted in our living room (when my uncle and another priest friend would come visit).
  66. we buried my mom on my 32nd birthday, after having lost her 5 days earlier on my sister's birthday.
  67. i met dominic monaghan in LAX.
  68. The Mr. advised me not to. but then was glad i did.
  69. i love bendy straws.
  70. i've never been stung by a bee.
  71. nor had a cavity.
  72. i used to do scherenschnitte.
  73. i also collected thimbles for awhile.
  74. the first movie i remember seeing in the theatre was Grease for my 5th birthday. (but i could be wrong about when. b/c the dates don't add up)
  75. i thought my 5th birthday was going to be my "magic birthday"
  76. i got chickenpox when i was 4. i caught them from my neighbor- anique manhaut (sp??)
  77. i graduated from Clemson University.
  78. that's where i met The Mr.
  79. i changed majors my sophomore year intending to become a doctor.
  80. that pissed my dad off.
  81. i ended up changing back; i couldn't handle telling people their loved ones are going to die.
  82. i taught 1st grade for 7 years.
  83. then i worked for The American Cancer Society.
  84. i was pregnant the entire time i worked there; now i'm at home.
  85. jovie is the 30th grandkid to be born on my side of the family.
  86. she's the first on my husband's.
  87. i've been with my husband almost 15 years
  88. i never thought he could surprise me with a proposal.
  89. i was wrong.
  90. we've been married almost 7.
  91. there have been at least 3 people whose wedding was the last contact we had of them.
  92. i am still in contact with everyone who was in ours.
  93. i made up a little ditty called "little bean"
  94. i still sing it to her.
  95. she doesn't notice/remember/care.
  96. my wedding day sucked in quite a few ways.
  97. i usually pull for USC gamecocks in football..... except when they play UGA or Clemson.
  98. our honeymoon was the best days/vacation i can remember.
  99. there are more random bits of me here & here. i tried not to repeat too much.
  100. looking back at this list reminds me of what a huge DORK i am.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Very informative list! I can't believe you got to meet Charlie! The most exciting person I ever saw at an airport was John Roberts (not the chief justice, but the anchor who used be on CBS Evening News on the weekends and is now on CNN.) We just recently celebrated our 7th anniversary. Congrats on number 100.

Angella said...

Dorks UNITE!

Seriously. I am one of the biggest ones on the planet.

Loved this :)