Thursday, November 8, 2007

i've been to.....

not quite a complete list...

  1. london (9th grade band trip)
  2. indianapolis- i've marched in the hoosier dome!
  3. new orleans (12th grade band trip)
  4. disney/universal florida (several times, first 2 w/ band)
  5. NYC (same as above)
  6. DC (same as above)
  7. Phoenix (i'm still in awe that there are mountains in dem dare hills!!! you know, bugs bunny does NOT show that)
  8. jamaica (celebrate 1st year teaching)
  9. paris (honeymoon---- blissful in september!)
  10. vegas (for a wedding)
  11. hawaii (3rd anniversary)
  12. rocky point, mexico (for a wedding)
  13. denver (rocky mountains--- AMAZING)


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm jealous about several of those, but mostly the Indy one. I absolutely LOVE the colts! Little Elvis was almost nicknamed Little Peyton. (The next one will be!) Very cool, and I bet Paris was a very romantic place for a honeymoon.

mpotter said...

don't be too jealous of indy.
i wish i had written down the specifics, but i swear to you we all thought they were like 10 years behind us (and i didn't live in a progressive city!)

that was in the 90s.
i wonder if they caught up.