Sunday, November 11, 2007

the way i were

as mentioned earlier, i'm adjusting to unexpected new things in my new job.
i hope i was able to give you a glimpse of how my life was for the last 7 years. and although i would do the same again- there are some things i definitely miss.

-laughter: you can't not be in a room day in/day out with 20+ 6 year olds and not have some laughter in your day.

-hugs: one of the hardest parts about leaving was not just giving up starting over w/ a new crew, but leaving my past students behind. i still get visits from some of my "old" kids, and 2nd grade, 4th grade,& 8th grade hugs (gasp!) are just as important as 1st grade hugs.

-free time: grant it, it was sparse, but we had recess every day (i WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in freeplay!) and spending a part of your day outside everyday is quite refreshing. even if it rains, we stay in and play together, or if i have work to do, can do it w/o guilt b/c they have center time.

-exercise: ok. so, no. i didn't come home and do that, but do you even know how much walking you do just in daily routines of teaching??? now that i've been on my butt for several months, and continue to do so in my desk job, i miss that excuse of being on my feet and moving constantly.

-importance: not only do i (& many people) find teaching an important/rewarding job... you know- shaping the minds, blahblahblah. nobody feels you're more important to them than these kids you get to call your students!!! and when you get right to it, that's what feels so good.

i feel i'm still a teacher at heart, and yes, i can always go back.... we'll see.
i'm enjoying this new part of my life. and now that i do have a job, i don't feel as though i had lost all of my identity anymore. guess i'll just learn to shape a new one.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

My husband used to be a teacher, and although there were several things he liked about teaching, there were things he didn't. He ended up going back to school and getting into television meteorology. With that job he was able to do lots of school visits and teach kids about meteorology. He says it's the best of both worlds - no lesson plans, he gets to get the kids all excited and leave them to the teacher, etc. Maybe you could get to go to schools and talk about the importance of nonprofits?
Congrats on the Clemson thing by the way. I have a strong feeling that you guys will get a much better match for a bowl game than my dawgs. Although I love my bulldogs, I don't think they would give your guys too much of a game.