Friday, January 30, 2009


how do you dream?

i am a dreamer that can watch the dream as a movie; they are so very vivid.
The Mr. has said before that my dreams are epic. if i go to explain one, he thinks i'm done & i keep going (and going and going).
i feel as tho i dream a dream that can last all night sometimes. i know from Psych class that REM isn't really like that. but surely i dream longer than the few minutes allotted.

unfortunately, this vividity can really haunt me. i can see, hear, & feel in most of them. & many of them leave impressions that run so deep, i remember them years later. i vividly remember dreams i had when i was around 3 or 4 years old. which isn't always a good thing because a lot of what i dream is disturbing.

and last night i think it's safe to say i had probably THE most disturbing dream ever. (and that "honor" is hard to come by!!). it disgusts me to no end to still feel part of the feelings that went with it. it was just horrible. *shudder*
it really is the craziest thing- what i dream & how real it seems at the time.

like everyone else, i'm sure- i dream very odd things (even last night's was quite odd)... things that don't make sense; for instance: 2 people meshed into one. ever do that?? oh, and the ones that got me into trouble in college- where i dreamt that i did all the things to get ready & went to class & sat thru class. only to be woken up by the phone b/c i actually slept thru all of it. that was a pain in the ass.

the ones i seem to remember are the ones that are bad. i do dream happy dreams; i'm sure of it. but those either aren't as vivid, or for whatever reason get filed into the normal part of the brain where you don't remember jackity-crap.

my mom used to insist she never dreamed. ever.
The Mr. doesn't dream too often, that he remembers. but he has been known to have recurring dreams. i don't normally have that. but lately, i have dreamt that when one of LittleBean's teeth come in, they all do. which is kinda funny, b/c The Mr.'s recurring dream involves teeth as well.

i don't fly/float very often. but i do remember 2 dreams from my childhood where i did. i can still conjure up that sensation of hovering in my old house. bizarre.

so- how do you dream??


El Cheese said...

i've had dreams of pink elephants taking over a backyard pool party. also had a dream of invisible spiders that took over our house, and the only thing that could see them was my dog which was barking at the walls. so strange. i must have been eating a spider while dreaming to stem that one! no clue where those came from. that's the fun of dreams! keep a journal of them :-) then publish it!

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a fun post! I have very vivid dreams, and when I do explain them to others, I include lots of details. Sometimes mine are like movies as well. I wake up thinking, "wow, that would be a cool murder mystery!" and then I forget most of the details.
I can also be affected by dreams. If I dream that Bob was mean to me, I'll be angry at him the next day until I realize that it was just a dream.
As for the teeth, I used to have dreams where I would pull out all of my back teeth, while fretting about how angry my mother would be. I googled it and found out that dreams like that are usually connected to control issues.