Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sweet memory for someone else

a while back, i wrote that i had never flown a kite. very soon after that, i mentioned that The Mr. (how cool is he!?) bought me a kite for my birthday.

and i haven't spoken a word about the kite since.

i'm only bringing it up now because last week, when i was taking littlegirl for a walk down the street, 2 little kids (prob'ly 3 yrs old) were playing in their yard with their dads. one of the dads was trying to wind the string on a Dora kite they were about to launch. the little girl yelled at me so giddily that this is her kite. & that's Dora! (in case i didn't know). the little boy promptly had to tell me that his kite was Thomas. you know, lest i think he was into Dora. plus, for whatever reason, he didn't have his there. so i needed to know that he, too, had a kite he was super proud of.

it looked like such a sweet memory. if the children won't remember then i bet the fathers will. it's probably not one of the memories they will be sure to pass along & talk about every so often. it's one of the memories that you just tuck into your brain. it gets buried beneath the checklist of all the things you need to do that day/week/month. it gets buried beneath the important memories of wedding days and those babies being born. but it's tucked in safe & snug. being a part of the million tiny day-to-day memories you create to remind yourself of being happy.

of course, it made me feel nostalgic. wait- can you feel nostalgic of something that's never happened to you? can you feel nostalgic of something that may happen in the future? ok, i guess it made me feel wistful. i just know that littlegirl will likely have a memory such as that one, and hopefully many more. i know The Mr. & i will try to enjoy these "normal" days of childhood with her. i'm sure we will both have fun ourselves as we watch her explore her world. with a kite, on a
bike, in a park---wherever. & hopefully she can create memories that she can share in the future.

so, whatever happened to my kite? such a pretty aqua-marine-blue w/ a gorgeous magenta tail?
sadly, we never flew it. to The Mr.'s credit, he tried.
but if you've read the
post about when we rode bikes together, then you know he had his work cut out for him.
in my defense, i was actually pregnant when we took it out one windy saturday afternoon.
so we can blame the hormones. (the one time i think the hormones affected me just so)

for whatever reason i got upset b/c he saw a perfectly good windy day, spent the time in the backyard putting the kite together, and wanted to show me how to get it off the ground.
it just didn't work out. but i still have the kite. it's collecting dust. maybe this spring would be a great time for us to spark a memory.

for me.


OHmommy said...

i think it will be the perfect time. hoping spring will arrive for everyone soon.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I bet your kite flying attempts will go much better this year! You'll have Jovie to impress with your mad skills.