Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...and here comes April

really? is it march already? how can that be, i just posted a few days ago, and that was in late february. oh wait--- march is essentially over now? hmmmm

so, as you can tell, i haven't written in awhile.
i post on Little Bean's blog about weekly. mainly because it's the only way i can let her only grandparents stay in the loop about things.

this blog is not for family. and truthfully, i just don't have a lot going on that you'd be interested to know. sad but true fact: my life is basically wrapped in her life, and you can read about that at her blog if you so choose.

i think i may just start posting random stories & such just so i can keep up the blog.
maybe one day i'll have my own thoughts/identity...
i've requested before: don't give up on me.
thanks for coming by!

oh, and if you feel like jogging my thoughts at all, feel free to share a thought or ask a question or something.

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