Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter is for chocolate

easter has come & gone. little bean's first one. and since she's still so young, The Mr. & i didn't feel the need to hypocrisize this year. (can i make up that word?)

i was talking to a friend of mine who asked me if i had gotten the bean an easter dress. i may have even chuckled a little when i said "no". it's not that the idea of having an easter dress is preposterous. but we weren't even considering taking her to church. and if not, well, then why get the dress?

christmas was concentrated on the Santa. easter on the basket. (which should've been filled with candy- but she's 9months old, so we'll wait on that. along with dyeing eggs & hiding them...)

i knew that the first time we take this unpredictable baby out to church should not have been the day when all catholics come out of the woodwork. growing up, that day was always standing-room-only!
i know before too long, The Mr. & i will be setting a good example. taking her to church, eating vegetables, speaking more kindly, etc...

christmas is obviously a big holiday in the christian world. but it wasn't ever just about that for me. maybe because i still believe in Santa. i understand it's about the giving & the spirit of christmas. i understand the hidden meanings that aren't about Jesus/religion per se, but about goodness & cheer. to me, there's more to celebrate than just Jesus being born.

but easter has always been a confusing holiday for me. it's pretty much the day that culminates everything a catholic believes. we even 'believe' that when we take communion that it is not a symbol of Christ, but a miracle of Him in itself. well, in order to have that, He would've had to die (& then rise again).

i never knew why the egg was chosen to center all activities. or had such a great feeling about the Easter Bunny as i do with Santa. but i always enjoyed it. & i will enjoy it again next year. this year, however, we laid low. she wore a onesie outfit w/ a bunny bib. she had an easter basket from the bunny filled with books & gerber graduates, plus a toy. gramma & grampa gave her a basket with some of the same types of things. we enjoyed spending time together & watching her be able to interact differently than at christmas.

but nowhere did Jesus come into play.
for that i know i'm failing...
i'll fake it later.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I don't think you're failing. And when she's older Jovie will probably be able to tell if you're faking it. Every family is different and celebrates holidays differently. I'm sure you'll find a tradition for Easter that you all will enjoy.