Friday, December 7, 2007

tis the season

so, the holidays are upon us. don'tcha just love this time of year??
i do! i'm SUCH a kid at heart. you know, being a teacher of littlies, you had to "believe" in santa..... but i think i kinda still do believe in santa.

i mean, well, no. a fat man doesn't come down our chimney. but the magic is there. everyone usually seems so happy during this time. (and i've heard that statistically, it's the most depressing time of year.... so maybe some people fake it so that YOU can feel the joy they don't).

this isn't a post about christianity vs. agnosticism vs. judaism vs. otherreligionism.

this is a post about the time from nov-jan that just feels so fun! even when you have day to day stuff. even if you don't celebrate christmas, isn't the air just a little pleasant-er? i think so. and i believe in that. that's what santa brings to me.

there's packages to wrap. lights to see. music to hear. traditions to uphold or create. people to smile at and see smile. waking up excited. the food glorious food. the (hopefully) chilly, crisp air. unpredictable georgia, tho'
the buildup of that one day (unless you're me, and you milk it....)

yes. there's famine. poverty. and war. yes there's horrible mall shootings. and someone just broke into Atlanta's empty stocking fund and ripped off over $50,000 worth of stuff! but in a few days time, people stepped up and gave more so that it's almost completely replaced now!

but this is a time of year that i feel grateful for what i have, and can give. i feel grateful that during this time there is general joy all around. i feel grateful that i have family. and friends. and a warm place to snug up to.

chaos? yes. rushed? yes. fatigue? yes. expensive? yes. busy? yes.

parties? sometimes. friends? yes. family? yes. (tho that's a whole different stress!) baking? yes. decorating? yes. gifts to give? yes. gifts to get? yes.
joy? YES. santa???? OF COURSE! just be a kid again....


Pregnantly Plump said...

I like this time of year too. I love hearing the Christmas songs while we're out shopping and singing along with them. It's hard to be in a bad mood because of a long line when you get to listen to "Deck the halls."

jennifer said...

It's refreshing to read a post where someone actually likes Christmas!

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

Funky Boss said...

I love Christmas time too.

However, certain Christmas songs get me unhinged. "I'll be home for Christmas" makes me want to punch Santa Claus right in the face and throw Mrs. Claus' fresh baked cookies all over the floor.

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm glad you are thoroughly enjoying the holiday season!