Thursday, December 6, 2007


  1. chicken paprikas
  2. new york strip (medium well)
  3. chicken curry w/ basmati rice
  4. hibachi shrimp w/ fried rice
  5. macaroni & cheese (i make my mom's and it's awesome. boxed is delish too!)
  6. pork roast
  7. pot roast (never get to make it though- The Mr. doesn't eat beef)
  8. sauteed or grilled shrimp
  9. spaghetti w/ butter (no, really!)
  10. ice cream (duh)
  11. lotsa starches- breads, potatoes, fries, rice, popcorn (if that counts?)
  12. brownie sundae- complete w/ cherry
  13. hamburger pie (another i miss)

there are actually many more yummy foods out there. tho some wouldn't believe... although i'm extremely picky, i can usually find something i like in most restaurants. as long as i can order them "my way".

so..... go ahead. invite me over. i'm workable!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

My favorite food would seriously have to be mashed potatoes. I like just about any version, as long as they aren't from a box.