Sunday, December 2, 2007

before and after

no, this is not a diet commercial.
i mentioned our latest endeavor in our house.... to transform the "least used room in the house" when i mentioned being ambitchous.
in less than 2 weeks time, our small guest room went from:

oh that purple doesn't do it justice. comparatively, it almost looks like the same purple, but i assure you it's not!

to this:

yes, yes i know the purple pillowcase ruins it. but we forgot to take a picture before we got the furniture in.
what you don't see are the other 2 walls. the wall facing the bed is the green you see in the plaid.
the wall opposite the plaid is the purple you see, except for the white closet. (which is the same purple as the furniture in the room----- s'been that way my whole life! and thensome)
feel free to ooh and aaah. we're quite proud of our lots of hard work and oh so very much painters' tape! oh how i considered making part of the plaid blue so i can save a few million steps!
even if you don't like plaid, you gotta admit it's an improvement from what the owners left, yeah?


Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, take another picture so we can see the whooooooole room. I bet it's awesome!!!

....your patience to paint that plaid...oh, that's pretty amazing.
We painted stripes in Gage's room, and I was soooooooo impatient.

Pregnantly Plump said...

That looks sooo good! V. impressive!! Wow.

Funky Boss said...

It matches my plaid pants.