Sunday, November 18, 2007


funny how easy it is to procrastinate!

we got married and bought our house 5 years ago. and it wasn't until about 1- 1/2 years afterward that we changed ONE room in our house. we painted our dining room blue to match the china i registered for, after we bought a dining room set complete w/ hutch to show the china.
you know... cuz what else do you do w/ china????
(actually, we use ours about 3 times a year. i hear that's a LOT compared to many).

it was around this time, what? about 4 years ago, that i thought of an idea for decorating our house. interesting thing, it was for the least used room in our house! the spare spare room. the spare room that only has a twin bed. you can imagine it's been used just a little bit.

anyhow, i was excited to tackle the project, er, i mean- idea, to paint a wall plaid.
ambitious, i know.
since i don't have a clue how to paint anything, much less to paint it plaid!

well, i've been drawing plaid for a million years. (i LOVE plaid), so i figured if i would just take the time, maybe i could do it.

mmkay, that was 4 years ago.
i even went to a How-to class from Lowe's. ran into a fellow teacher, and everytime we see each other, she asks if i've begun my painting project.

ok. so this weekend, we decided to tackle it.
it was the "purple room" so i felt i wanted it neutral to attempt to see this ambitious vision. i wanted to white it all out, but The Mr. didn't want to do that, then paint it again once i figured out exactly what i wanted with it.

so friday, we spent some time picking colors that would go with the purple furniture that i repainted after we moved in. yes. i repainted it pastel purple. the exact color it has been my whole life!

that purple will be the base of the plaid. along with these colors (or close as i can get in this: yellow, pink, green ... i couldn't really think of what else would go w/ that purple. i'm not a fan of pastels, but i can't BEAR to change the furniture!

so now we have some walls done, and the vertical purple plaid part.
we hope to complete it within a coupla weeks.

so, not only am i a procrastinator, i'm ambitious, and am-bitch-ous to boot.
since The Mr. painted 2 of the walls himself after a second trip to lowe's he came back and the roller broke. so now we're down to one.

nothing like a great idea for me to pawn on someone else.

i'll letcha know how it turns out.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I think your wall sounds fabulous! We (ok, Bob and his brother mainly) painted stripes in our kitchen and it looked really good. I think plaid will look amazing. Oh, as for tomatoes, I can't eat them either -- mildly allergic. When I'm craving pizza, we just make one with pesto or bar-b-que sauce.