Thursday, November 29, 2007


  1. pizza
  2. condiments of any sort
  3. tomatoes, or anything tomato like (curry is NOT made of tomatoes! shuttup)
  4. so that means, no spaghetti, lasagna, chili, meatloaf, etc...
  5. vegetables (w/ the exception of very few)
  6. casseroles
  7. cheesecake
  8. tiramisu
  9. beer
  10. grits
  11. mandarin oranges & other weird fruits
  12. seafood (except shrimp.... & i'm particular about that, too!)
  13. lotsa stuff on lotsa stuff. i order things plain, or w/o something. it's very rare that i can just order exactly as it appears on the menu.

so, i pretty much stopped my list, but i'm sure if i were invited to your house for dinner, i could think of something else to add.

..........i KNOW. i'm pathetic!!!!


Pregnantly Plump said...

I feel your pain about visiting people or ordering off of menus. I'm allergic to several fruits, veggies and grains, and it makes me a huge pain to cook for or eat out with. As for meatloaf, I make it with barbeque sauce, and we use pesto sauce on pasta and pizzas. I tried pumpkin lasagna once, but I don't recommend that.

Lainey-Paney said...

I would die without pasta sauces. And pizza. And casseroles.

....PS: pumpkin lasagna sounds so wrong that it should just be illegal. period.