Thursday, December 13, 2007 be jolly

  1. christmas trees--- the look! the smell!
  2. shiny things--- wrappings & bows, tinsel
  3. christmas lights--- on houses, on trees; tacky, elegant
  4. christmas music
  5. decorating my mundane living room & turning it into a peaceful, pretty place
  6. seeing (some) family
  7. baking cookies & desserts--- the smells! the taste!
  8. being cheerful with friends
  9. giving ---gifts, charities, santas ringing bells
  10. the hubbub of all the kids' excitement (gosh, i miss that!)
  11. christmas traditions--- new & old
  12. cooler weather (cross your fingers!)
  13. "ho ho ho"

1 comment:

Pregnantly Plump said...

I really like the smell of cinnamon at Christmas. I love to buy cinnamon candles and have wanted to buy those cinnamon pinecones at craft stores, but our cats keep trying to eat our fake tree, so I have a feeling they would get really sick on spicy pinecones.