Wednesday, December 19, 2007

writers strike sucks

as i was sitting here trying to think of a topic, The Mr. told me that Journeyman is over as of tonight. that's actually one of the shows that is different and we really like it. we've even stayed up plenty o' times till 11 so we could watch it.

this writers strike really sucks. LOST is gonna be affected, too- apparently. and i was already fearful they'd lose a lot of viewers for making us wait till the end of january.... but with the promise of running consecutive episodes made it bearable.
but since they only have 8 of the 16 in the works---- who knows now!

we have a few good shows out there right now that we enjoy. pushing daisies was so quirky, fun, & different. not sure how that will go.

we so miss the office.... the only thing good to come out of thursday tv nights since that original lineup in college.

the only reality shows we really watch are: so you think you can dance, & dancing with the stars.

we've been delaying watching some shows in our tivo queue so we'll have something to watch later if the strike continues.

someone pay these people! we must see tv!


Funky Boss said...

I wouldn't say Journeyman is different, but I do like it. It's essentially Quantum Leap with a Blackberry.

I also agree the writer's strike sucks. Now that I've made sure my TV is the biggest one in the neighborhood, there's nothing on to watch. I mean who wants to watch fat people try to lose weight on three hundred and forty two square inches of high definition?

I may just have to drive around in my giant SUV with the 4 DVD players each night since there will be nothing else to do.

Pregnantly Plump said...

We have very similar tastes in TV! Although instead of Journeyman, we watch (ok I watch) Project Runway. I have been fussing about the way ABC messed up Lost since last year. I swear that network is trying to lose viewers for that show!