Thursday, December 20, 2007


some of my fondest christmas memories/likes are:
  1. the anticipation of santa & excitement. (to this day!)
  2. waking up oh so early on xmas morning as a kid and crowding on LJ's bed (by the window) after getting billy & ricky to join us and being excited to go wake up mom & dad.
  3. seems like every year someone would tell me that santa can come back and take it all back if i'm not good. i think my window of opportunity left once we could go downstairs!
  4. the 4 of us (and sometimes kenny) lining up on the stairs and bumping our way to mom & dad's room
  5. seeing the tree & mantle on xmas morning (to this day!!!) all the lights, filled stockings, pretty wrappings.
  6. as a kid, for a bit, all our presents were in piles. yes- 13 piles around the tree. we each opened our piles one by one.
  7. singing xmas carols at church on xmas eve.
  8. cookies & eggnog. (yum). i hope i can find mom's recipes when i go back this year
  9. in 10th grade, i got to be santa. that's when i unexpectedly opened my clarinet last. wow.
  10. watching xmas movies (to this day)
  11. wrapping & unwrapping each item in the stocking (a la my mom.... for 13 stockings. not one thing was left unwrapped)
  12. seeing a mantle that could fit 13 stockings, and all of our baby picture ornaments with them. each year, it was so fun to look at. and hearing dad proclaim he bought the house b/c of the mantle.
  13. being w/ loved ones and sharing traditions.

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Funky Boss said...

You spelt memories incorrrectly.