Friday, December 21, 2007

with a cherry on top

i know i know i know... christmas is wonderful! shuttup already.
but, wait- there's more.

did you ever get your teachers a gift?
oh, man is my closet full of boxes of teachers gifts. xmas & end of year. even with a few valentines mixed in. there were always such an array of gifts. from the dollar gifts, to the useless gifts, to the gifts that teachers call "real".

i miss that this year.

i have never questioned a gift, and have always received each of them with love and the BEST oohs & aahs i could muster. i usually had plenty to say. especially for the smelly gifts (perfumes, bath stuff, candles)--- hmmmmm, i guess i need to smell better. & the candy-filled mugs/bags--- mmmmmm, ooooh my dentist will be mad at me.

i always gave them a thank you and a hug. but there are always kids who weren't able to give. so i tell them tons o' times--- just "stay on green" & gimme a giant smile & a hug. that's all i need.

there was a fine line between gushing over the gifts so the others didn't feel bad.
especially because i remember.

i'm sure with a housefull of kids, and some older kids having to pitch in for xma$, teachers were NEVER on my parents' list of gift-giving.
.......but one year: oh the joy!
i was able to give my teacher a gift. i don't remember ever asking before if i could or not; maybe i knew i just couldn't. or, maybe i did ask. i'm almost positive i gave my first & likely only teacher gift to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Ropp.
and if my memory serves me correctly, i'm pretty sure it had something to do w/ our impending move to selma, al over the xmas break.

with all the pride i probably knew how to feel... for the first time, i was able to lay a gift on her desk. (was it even wrapped????)
chocolate covered cherries.

i'm sure she knew what that meant for me; and i'm sure she appreciated it as much as i always enjoyed my dollar tree angel that chasity bought herself w/ her own money. or as much as the notes kids wrote to me. or as much as my paper holder. (??) or as much as the used ornament a kid gave me (and sadly, probably heisted)....

here's to gifts of love- of all shapes and sizes.
i hope you get the perfect ones!

merry christmas!

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