Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bonus! 50% more FREE

here, i give you TWO posts for the price of ONE...

#1: oh no, don't be a pattern!:
i just mentioned that we gave Little Bean her first taste of food on my other blog.
well, i've been mixing my milk with the rice cereal. only after yesterday's good feeding, i didn't have any more saved. and i forgot to defrost some i had in the freezer.
so i decided to mix her cereal with some formula that i had gotten from a doctor** (see post #2)
the formula is liquid, so there was no extra mixing. this would be her very first taste of formula. and maybe she doesn't like it so much?

she's been eating very well. but today- 2 bites and lots of tears. i gave her a few bites through the crying; but ultimately i just threw it all out.
sooooo i guess i failed at one of the first parenting taboos: picky eating.
it didn't even dawn on me to be all "this is what i made & that's what you get". maybe it's because she can't understand crap right now. or b/c feeding itself is all so new, i don't want to force it on her.
or maybe it's because i'm beginning a pattern?
since before i even got pregnant, i worried about the baby with food.
again, i'm being hypocritical. & i hate that.

but me?? The Pickiest Eater Alive?? how am i going to instill good eating habits to my impressionable baby? just the other day, The Mr. & i remarked how soon enough, we're going to actually have to start eating---vegetables--- *shudder*.
hmmmm, i should have eaten them while i was pregnant. & now while i'm nursing. if those 2 reasons aren't good enough, how will i begin to do this correctly???

i used to go to bed all the time w/o dinner. i was a master at moving food around (and sometimes even in the toilet). i cried through many a dinner, eating one bean from inside the string bean at a time. i learned how to swallow corn whole (one at a time) b/c i couldn't stand biting into it and feeling the squish. how many times did i actually gag b/c i had to try a bite of something (cauliflower comes to mind. and beets). i remember having oatmeal for dinner some nights when i was very young. or even better- scrambled eggs in the microwave.
there were some things my mom would keep out for me.... like spaghetti. (mine's just butter. no sauce)

so- how in the world am i -me- ms. "does popcorn count as a vegetable?"-going to be a good example for this little girl???
oh my!

BONUS post #2:
why in the hell would a doctor give me formula for my baby when she knows i'm breastfeeding???
conversation went something like this at her 1month appt:
---um, she's a very fussy baby. won't nap. needs to be held. all. the. time. screams and cries like you wouldn't believe. still a little gassy. we give her drops before feeding. maybe helping.
dr: how's nursing?
me: oh, it's just fine. she latches well & takes it very well.
dr takes my baby & goes to somewhere w/o me & comes back in w/ a bottle of formula.
dr says: just try this for me.
me: ok, why?
dr: just experiment.
me: experiment with what?
dr: this kind is easily digested.
me: isn't breastmilk easily digested??
dr: yes. just try it. humor me. just to see....
me: what is it we're experimenting? what is it you want me to notice & be on the lookout for???
dr: **** silence **** just try it.

ok. soooo i have requested a different doctor in the practice ever since.
and at that first visit (2months), she suggested LB may have "silent reflux". we began to give her baby zantac. & coincidentally, things seemed to have gotten better.

oh, and by the way...i'm not one of those anti-formula people. i am not planning on nursing her till she's 20. i would have given it a try- had she given me any answer as to what she thought it was supposed to help with. but with no reasoning behind it, i felt no need to stop what i was doing.
plus LB doesn't take a bottle, so i can imagine how hard that would've been anyway!


Pregnantly Plump said...

It sounds like you are really picky! Do you like fruit juice? We buy Little Elvis Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise (with hidden veggies) and he seems to like it. It tastes just like grape juice, but has extra veggies. Maybe you could try that as an intro to veggies?
As for the formula with rice, that's the only way Little Elvis ever had it. He was such a voracious feeder, that I was never really able to pump. That stuff stinks, so I can completely understand why Jovie wouldn't like it.
And the whole doctor thing is weird. I kept hearing from people that babies slept better if they had formula. Maybe that's what she was getting at?
Good luck with the de-pickying for both of you!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

Doctors get their breastfeeding and baby nutrition info from formula companies. Don't you love it?

My oldest was a picky eater as a baby. I never forced anything. You know what? He is the best eater now.

El Cheese said...

the joys of picky eaters! my daughter insists peanut butter on bread is a healthy meal 3 times a day. i just keep telling myself, someday she will expand her tastebuds :-)

ignore the idiot doctor!

OHmommy said...

Oh do not worry.... my pickiest eater as a baby is the best eater now.