Tuesday, July 28, 2009

who's your favorite?

i saw a commercial the other day for the new show coming in the fall: cougar town.
it's nice to see courteney cox in a new show. i guess dirt is over. i doubt i'll be watching this new show either.
one thing that struck me, though, is that the announcer said something to the effect of "a favorite Friend is back." which made me dispute out loud. i noticed just now, watching another commercial for it, that he left that part out this time. i rewound it to be sure.

The Mr. then asked me who i thought that would be. so i listed for him who i thought that was. i said:
  1. chandler
  2. phoebe
  3. rachel
  4. joey
  5. monica
  6. ross

i listed who i thought may be in that order according to what i thought would be public opinion.

my own personal list would pretty much keep it the same, except i'd put monica below ross. and depending on the day, i'd probably change out joey & rachel.

of course, he googled it & after disputing that chandler would be even near the top (he ranked him #6), this is the list he found:

  1. chandler
  2. joey
  3. ross
  4. phoebe
  5. rachel
  6. monica

so, here- i ask you. you're the public. what's your opinion??


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think early in the show I liked Ross and Rachel. But they became very annoying. At the end I guess I liked Chandler or Phoebe. I wasn't really watching very much at the end, though.

whatsabocki said...

1 - joey.
2 - chandler.
3 - phoebe.
4 - monica.
5 - rachel.
6 - ross.