Tuesday, May 5, 2009

are you a googler?

The Mr. has an interesting "talent". he can google better than anyone i know. admittedly, i don't usually bring this up in conversation, so i guess i don't know how other people fare at the art of googling.

he's always been a great researcher. when he'd go to the library in college, he spent a lot of time using it correctly. so it comes as no surprise that he would be good at this current form of research.

me? notsomuch.

i never know if i should be "formal" in my search for something (and just state the terms w/ some boolean crap in there for good measure) or if i should just "ask" my search. [The Mr. will have fun "asking" google all kinds of stupid stuff using horrible grammar on purpose].

i have always sucked at research. to this day, i'm not sure how i managed writing papers in HS & college. (no surprise i hated english).

google confounds me, but obviously it's not that big of a deal since i'm not graded on my googling performance.

i really want to do better. i like to try to prove to The Mr. that i can find something too. sometimes, it works in my favor. sometimes, he shows me up. (ok, that happens a lot)

here are 2 recent examples:

i had asked The Mr. what show it was where the dad died while eating an ice cream cone. he was astounded at that absurdity & maintained he never saw that show, because he'd have remembered. i had some vague notion that some "supposedly hot" guy was in the show... like zack from saved by the bell or something like that. i thought it was from some cheesy show that we had sorta watched together, like the old 90210 or something. but i was pretty sure it wasn't a show that i watched with any regularity. that was about all i knew.

i was bound & determined to find out for myself.

and I DID. i probably had to ask google in about 3 different ways, and click on maybe 5 links to get the right answer.

YAY. success! i shared w/ him what i learned (dawson's creek)

and a little while later, he wanted to challenge himself. having only going on what i told him [guy dies, dropped ice cream, car wreck]- he picked variations of a logical search & his first result was the answer. seriously.

having spelled all that out, it seems ridiculous that i'm even posting about this. it seems so obvious how to search for that. but when you are searching based on a vague memory, it's quite different.

this happens often. it's quite frustrating.

so imagine my smugness when i was finally able to do something myself:

i had a picture of something in my head. that's it. of "Clemson". an old stuffed animal pillow i had in the early 80s. that's it. just a random tiger pillow. i googled some terms (ok i will admit- The Mr. suggested the term "vintage" which i believe helped tremendously).

first result was someone's etsy shop. i've never been to etsy, know very little about it. but i clicked it anyway. AND THERE HE WAS. in all his glory.

& just as i was shouting a woo-hoo, The Mr. was about to say "well that can't be it".

finally! i was a googler. tho' i still needed his help.....

i'll get it one day.
or maybe i should stop trying to google randomass memories.

so, what about you?

how do you fare in the googling department?


Leanne said...

Um, I don't know. I usually find what I want though, after Google corrects my spelling a few times.... I think I'd give myself a B+. :) Good for you for showing up hubby though!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm pretty good at googling, although I'm trying my hand at swagbucks these days, hoping to get points to cash in for gift cards. Swagbucks isn't as user-friendly as google is, in my opinion.

OHmommy said...

Heh.... I can find pretty much anything. But it requires SO much time, no?

Can't wait for computers to identify your voice and search google w/o typing.