Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i have always loved statistics. 
i have never formally studied them, but i always love when magazines give data.  surveys.  percentages. 
back in the olden days (before the gods invented tivo) we had to watch these snippets on TV called commercials.  you guys- they aren't just for superbowl sunday!
anyways, i used to be fairly keen on targeted demographics of such commercials.  i guess i would be more apt to notice if they missed their target audience. 

i digress.

i had always wanted to take a statistics course in college.  the closest i came was a grad-level course at USC (go cocks!)  (heh.... bet that just earned me some google hits)  (and some squinty enemy eyes from my tiger friends.- GO TIGERS)
the course was about educational assessment methods.  i was fascinated*.
[i have a 4.0 in my only class of grad school!]

The Mr. has recently suggested that part of my dire mood could be attributed to my normal round of cabin fever.  i always have been down in summers b/c school would be out and i'd have nothing to stress about/focus on.
he wisely suggested i work on something to focus my time so i get out of this shitty slump i can't seem to shake.

when we were talking about what to even do, i mentioned statistics and he brightened up and (easily) found a free site that is essentially a statistics course.

unfortunately, it has been put by the wayside b/c i'm trying to trek my way through not one, not two, but THREE self-help books re: my shitty disposition.  so my time is involved with either vegging out b/c those workbooks are taking a lot out of me, or taking the time to slog through them.

however, i have been keeping up with my own statistics... so that should the need arise, i can share more data with my next doctor b/c we are still unsure about what my "ailments" are about.  this came about b/c for the first several days of '13 i was being plagued by headaches.

so, a snippet of my own personal statistical data:

in one month, i have:  
  • been depressed 52% of the time.  (the other half hasn't been happy; but it just wasn't significant enough for me to call myself depressed.  it basically was just existing)
  • had headaches 28% of the time
  • been nauseated 9%
  • had caffeine 130% of the time.  which translates into only one day of having no caffeine.  incidentally, that day i did not have a headache.
  • had one root canal due to my shitty luck and amazing coordination.
  • had incredible bouts of sleepiness 6 days.  one of those days being i dropped off littlegirl, read aforementioned help-book for 15 minutes and was overcome to sleep for 1.5hrs.  in the MORNING.
  • had social visits/outings 19 days.
  • had 1 1/2 nights of some new oddity affecting my sleep.
if you want to know what i've eaten (nothing particularly healthy) i can tell you about every morsel.  i can also tell you how many times we've had sex (hey! another google hit), and when i was told "i love you".....
i'm trying to track everything!

so glad i like statistics.

*this class was so cool.  and i got an A after writing a paper- true story- about how i cannot write this paper.  my argument was valid.  four point oh!

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