Monday, September 24, 2012

ups and downs

pretty sure everyone can relate to that.
ups and downs.

sometimes it's the easiest (tiniest) thing that turns me into down.
it's harder to get me into up.

why the hell is that?

and the funny thing....  i'm one of the most optimistic people i know.  pleasant, friendly, outgoing.
to everyone else.

i will say, the fog is lifting.
went on vacation last week.  THAT helped.

this is an actual picture of my vacation:    true story.
there's more pictures where that came from.  most of them actually look less like the fog surrounding the quaint city of Santa Barbara.
if you feel inclined, go look.
visitors make me happy.  comments make me happy. 
vacations make me really happy.

looking forward to planning the next one.
bonus points if i am indeed out of all this fog and downs.  i got one year. 
get my ass in gear!


bocki said...

sounds like you saw at least 50 shades of grey on your vacation.

Leanne said...

Lol. For a second I was going to tell you your picture wasn't loading properly, then I got it. Oy. :) Here's hoping the fog keeps lifting!!

ChrisBCrazy said...

we must hang out soon! i miss hanging with you! next week..dinner... or else.

Lainey-Paney said... rock.