Monday, October 8, 2012

aaahhh fall

just a quick post to declare, once and for all- I LOVE FALL.
for the record.  write it in blood.  order a plaque.
fall is wonderful.
[at least in georgia.]

i'm typing this as i'm smelling my first roast (after summer) cooking in the oven.  roasted potatoes.  yum.  warm. familiar.  yay.

last night, after enjoying a most gorgeous (yet slightly windy) autumn day, we came home from dinner and started our fire pit.  hooray!  The Mr. got me one for mother's day.  we used it once (june 1st) and now i just want to use it all the time.

reasons to love fall, from the obvious to the practical, in no particular order:
  • it's not hot!!!
  • looking forward to going to a mountain house for a weekend!
  • college football saturdays (i cannot believe i'm saying that!)
  • beautiful leaves.
  • the sounds of the leaves
  • seeing the leaves covering parts of your front yard (don't rake them TOO quickly, Mr.)
  • watching the littlegirl enjoy said raking.  (she asks me every!day! is it time yet???)
  • cool mornings. 
  • hoodies, sweaters, jackets.
  • long days at the park.
  • the joys of the autumn holidays. (my bday, halloween, t'giving and xmas prep)
  • picnics w/o sweat & bugs swarming
  • hearty meals
  • apples and the things you can do with them. (painting prints, baking, dipped in PB or nutella)
  • baking new recipes. (applesauce muffins, pumpkin bread, baked donuts etc)
  • our fire pit.
  • roasting marshmallows at said fire pit
  • lower electric bills.
  • w/o the AC on (or heater) you can hear "nature"--- crickets, tree frogs.
  • can sleep with the window cracked for a few weeks.
  • not having to mow every single weekend.  (more time for The Mr. to enjoy saturdays)
  • blankets
  • cuddling
  • reading little girl books on a blanket outside
  • carving a pumpkin (or more like watching The Mr. do that)
  • watching little girl help with said pumpkin.
  • enjoying an afternoon coffee.
  • early dark.
  • (the rare days) sleeping in for the late dark mornings.
  • being able to run b/c it's not meltingly hot outside
  • my annual 5k (in 2 wks)
  • back to school (not gonna lie.... love the routine)
  • lazy cloudy coldish days (rare)
i bet i could list even more; and make this list better....   but
i guess i just needed a nice reminder of the "ups"
so glad it's finally here!

tell me----  WHAT DID I MISS?  can't wait to be reminded of yet another reason to love this season.


Leanne said...

I love Fall too. I like the crisp air and all the colours. what I don't like however is the deep cold that follows it. Maybe I need to move to where you are - and get a firepit too. :) Enjoy!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I like the fall smell. I'm not sure what the smell really is, leaves softly decaying? That doesn't sound good. It's a good smell. I also like to cook and bake more in the fall, because I don't have to worry about heating up an already hot house.
Oh, and the color orange. I really like orange.

Lmix said...

This just made me smile. Thanks for all the reminders :)

troutbirder said...

Yup. I didn't need much convincing but fall is a favorite as well for me too....:)