Saturday, November 17, 2012


so november started out with a bang.

november 1st i went for a run with The Mr. for the first time in 10 months or more.
i struggled up the little hill out of my neighborhood.
then, i fell.

on my face.
it was awfully painful, embarrassing & ridiculous.

nothing was there to make me fall.  i didn't trip over anything.  The Mr. has seen me fall on quite a few occasions in our life.  usually i just skin my knee really bad & rip my jeans or something.

i broke a front tooth in half (beautiful). chipped the other front tooth, and for good measure cracked the 3rd tooth. i had a fat lip, i scraped the heck out of my palm & got GIANT road burn on my knee.  bruised the other knee.

i was in pain for a week.

i came home from the dentist all "nice & fixed" 2 hours from when it all started.  so that was good.  The Mr. was with me, so that was excellent.

my tooth still doesn't feel exactly normal, but i'm able to manage eating.  (biting into things is still causing odd feelings).  and my knee has finally stopped hurting and i was able to get up and down stairs last week.

so today i ran again.
and according to Nike + i logged my 100th mile (exactly).  and i didn't fall!

and november didn't start off well for my brother and his wife, who have spent the better part of the month with their daughter in ICU.  things were looking dire there for a bit.
i think (??) the worst fear is over, and she needs to continue to heal. (still in the ICU)

we spent some time in the mountains last weekend, so that was nice.
the bean's 20+minute loud as hell tantrum in the orchard was not so nice. 

why is it the "best" tantrums are for no reason at all?

the waterfalls we hiked & drove to were nice.  the leaves were mostly pretty (tho' in the NC mountains, they were probably 3/4 already fallen).  and hanging out with The Mr.'s parents was nice.

we are looking forward to the thanksgiving holidays.  it will be a very long weekend filled with family time, relaxing time, yummy food time, football time, and hopefully injury-free/hospital-free time. 

i hope your fall is going well, and you're not being literal with the term as i had been!

happy holidays


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's awful about the fall! Did your teeth hurt as well? I'm glad it was (hopefully) an easy fix, and not too painful.
I understand about fits over nothing, and usually in a public space. We get them with Little Elvis, and he's very loud with them.

Leanne said...

Ouch! I can't believe you fell that hard. Actually, I can. I would fall that hard and do damage like that too. I'm glad you're better now though and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with no tantrums from ANYONE. :)