Tuesday, March 5, 2013

still supportive

i have documented numerous times in the past how supportive The Mr. has been of me. 
from accepting i didn't want to have kids & loving me anyway, to allowing me to quit a perfectly fine job to hope for something new to come along, to many other times in our 18years together.

his support is the reason we have the little bean now.  it's the reason i was able to work for a company that means something to me.  it's the reason we have been able to build our life together and allow me to stay home with our little girl.

he deals with (somehow) all of the darkness i bring to the table.  he allows me to be social even though he would rather not be.  i have girls night aplenty while he's gone.  and even this past week he didn't mind that he came home to a Mary Kay party in progress.

and his support continues.
he didn't bat an eye when i asked if i can take off for a week.
he never questioned it and said "go. i'll figure it out" in regards to his crazy work schedule, and getting his parents to come help out because of said work schedule.

so, i am happy to report that in early april i will be working my ass off here! i will be having nutrition classes, life coaching, daily constant exercise PLUS 12 weeks (that's THREE MONTHS) of long-distance coaching... all thanks to Unite Fitness & The Mr.  [to be clear- Unite Fitness is not providing me with anything other than the place to do it.  The Mr. is providing the cash & the time].

so though i will have a vacation from life- i assure you it will not be a "vacation".  i also plan to bring my self-help reading material.  not that i will be able to function enough to work on myself.  but i guess i need to do all i can do to combat all that i feel on a constant daily basis.

i'm especially excited the retreat is in salt lake city.  the 2 layovers i've had there have amazed me to no end.  seeing the large expanse of mountains (not even the rockies!!) have enthralled me each time.  i cannot wait to be right there in the thick of it!

i have a LOT of work to do between now and then.
i can't wait!
i really hope i can come home as someone worthy of such unfailing support.
to The Mr.  Thank you.  for this.....  and all!


Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like a great trip! Bob's been to Salt Lake City, and says it is beautiful.

whatsabocki said...

i am so excited for your trip, and the journey that it will be while you're there, and beyond. what a wonderful gift to give yourself. you do deserve this.