Monday, October 22, 2007


The Mr. said to the kittens on Saturday:
hi, guys!!! say hi to mom. she just quit her job for a different job and then she got the new job.

that cracked me up, the way he said that.
definitely sounds interesting in that light. how many people are fortunate enough to be able to be as patient as i was?

YES it was nerve-racking. YES it was difficult to answer questions while also being vague (? how's the job hunt? ! wellllllll, i should make a decision in about a week or so... !-------how many weeks went by & i was still using the same line?)
YES it got pretty old staying home with nothing to do. b/c yes, while i was at home, i did try to take care of the chores/errands. but then what?
YES i needed to start a blog about nothing to occupy my time.

i have not yet forgotten, though, that it was The Mr. who made it possible!!! he supported me the whole way through. he allowed it to happen. i mean, can you imagine???
honey, do you mind if i quit my wonderful paying job and sense of identity to schlupp it around the house for a few months??? i promise i'll pick up whatever bon-bons inadvertently fall to the ground.

he warned me about the ugly side of job hunting. he made me aware that if it didn't happen, it was OK. and that plan b would be just fine. he also wanted me to realize that millions of people don't just land their first job, so i need to be prepared for disappointment.

but he believed in me.

after i came back from the first interview- WAY BACK WHEN in september- i was a little forlorn. he came in from lunch and said: "how'ditgo?"
my reply: " i didn't want that job anyway!" (way to be prepared)

i didn't really expect it to get this far, but he said he thought i had it, and when i got the questionnaire and 2nd interview, he had no doubt!

so, i am anxious and excited about my new adventure to come soon.
and i am very grateful that The Mr. supported the whole thing.
i know he's proud of me, and that makes me even more fortunate!


Pregnantly Plump said...

That is great that your Mr. believed in you and supported you. Two years ago my husband got a job near DC and I decided that after we moved I was going to try to get into a different career. It took me a few months, but I was able to do it and his support (both financially and emotionally) really helped me do it. Congrats again on the job!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Congratulations! Hope everything goes well!

Lainey-Paney said...

that's sweet to be supported, isn't it?