Friday, October 19, 2007

the beginning........

me: how's your day? i mean, what without my bugging you every 10 minutes to say ---i'm watching tv. isn't that great???
the mr.: yeah. it's great
me: that's swell. but really, i should let someone bring home the bacon..... so i guess- get back to it. SORRY for all the intrusions.
the mr..: no problem; hope you're having a good day
me: i am. glad i got most of the purple room FINISHED.... i just need your little help w/ the last 2 things.
me: AND i made our bed.
the mr..: no problem; productive day then
me: but lets not forget my AMAZING run this morning...................... guess if i do that i feel accomplished.
the mr..: yeah; take the rest of the day off
me: ha. ok. so we're in agreement.
me: but not entirely. dinner will be amply prepared for when you come home.
the mr..: it better be ready and hot
me: oh, wait. i just dropped a bon-bon.
me: ok. what?
me: HA
me: hey, that would be a fantastic title for a blog: I JUST DROPPED A BON BON
the mr..: go ahead and start it.
me: well, i've got not much to say, except that. but how funny!!! bet someone else has it anyway
the mr..: there's a blog with that name?
me: not sure. but everyone's always so creative w/ their titles.
me: probly
the mr..: don't come up in blogspot
me: well, then..... hmmmm. i could blog about NOTHING. oh well. good idea wasted.
me: hope you liked that. ok. go work. for real. you're interfering w/ my taped tivo shows.
me: HA
the mr..: ha

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