Thursday, April 24, 2014


oh so much mulling in my mind......

....we had a completely marvelous spring break!  TN was awesome.  everyone enjoyed each other for the most part.  except for watching a very distressing/realistic depiction of *something* in season 3 of Downton Abbey & a couple of moments from the bean, it was perfect!

....i can't wait for the next state! we (i) haven't planned where we're going this summer yet.  but we'll definitely do something.  i have a map in our bonus room that i'm coloring in as we go.  unfortunately, it's not working out as i planned.  i had hoped to go see my friend that moved to AR this past summer.  when i saw where she was, i see she's on the edge so that woulda given us an opportunity to see 3 states!  however, sadly we just aren't friends anymore.  once she left she left.  it breaks my heart but i can't constantly reach out only to be left hanging.  she warned me she's like that.  i just didn't think she'd be like that with me.

.... i just dropped the bean off at school (!!!) and i had that typical cliche moment where she looked back at me.  and yeah.  cliche abound.  that shit really does get to you.

....The Mr. & i watched the NCAA basketball championship.... ie "pick'ems"  we had a wager on it.  it was the most exciting set of games we've seen probably ever.  it was fun! and as down to the wire most of those games were, our brackets were too and The Mr. won by 2pts.  now i have to watch an episode of the ever stupid "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".   used to watch that show with him; then i realized i'm not a 10 year old boy.

...have intended to write posts on Dr. New Guy and meds and all....  the short of it is i am off all meds right now (and have been for about 2 months). 
he upped what was working for me. but that wasn't working for me.  so he took me off & said take a break for about a month with intention of starting #4 (!!).  i could also go back to #3 first dose if i wanted.
i don't know what i want.
i was dealing with some other major issues & feel i handled it well- unmedicated.  so now i don't know i don't know i don't know.

...our winter is over- though every time i go to i see the red warning headline that SOMEONE out there is expecting 12" snow again.  we had 2 "snows", along with those "cold" days.
the day before Easter was cloudy, dark, rainy & cold.  i couldn't believe it was actually Easter.  however, wake up sunday and it was our typical spring lovely.

...& the night before Easter, The Mr. & i went to see Lion King at the Fox.
i'm sad to say that it wasn't as astoundingly wonderful as i'd been told/hoped/thought.
yes it was a good night out.  yes the costumes were innovative.  but, i don't know.  it was just not the oomph we had hoped for.
same with Book of Mormon. 
[those 2 shows alone are what drove us to buy season tickets]
to be fair, Lion King isn't my all-time-fave anyway.  i have probably only seen it 2ce; and not in ages.

...however we decided we will bring the bean to The Little Mermaid on her birthday this year (great timing!) and that is one of my fave disney shows. i hope this one will be better!'s been a year since i got to go to Utah and boy am i frustrated.  i have instilled a pact w/ my 2 friends to spur us all on. and for some reason it's just not working for me.  even on my really really good days i'm not moving the scale (in the right direction) very much.  zaps my motivation for sure.  along with that month i was dealing with all the other stuff. i just can't focus.
really wish i could get my motivation back (meds??) because THIS is as much vacation as i'm gonna have this year.... 6 hours of school each day.  and that is quickly winding down.

okay- i guess i should be done rambling for now.  hope to be back with a proper post soon.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad your trip went well. And I'm sorry about the friend in Ark. As someone who lived in Ark for a couple of years, and Okla for a while, you aren't missing much. (Attempt to make you smile.) I've been trying to lose weight as well. I was doing Zumba every night, but then about 2 weeks ago, I just got tired. I need to start back. It's hard to start back.