Friday, May 3, 2013

new goals

the fitness retreat was a good thing for a few reasons.
1.  "vacation" from life

no- of course it wasn't exactly a vacation.  which i would likely define as sleeping late, eating scrumptiously, touring new places and/or relaxing.        okay so it was NONE of that.... well, it was ONE of that.  and it was the fact i didn't have to think of anything at all. so in some respects it WAS a vacation, i guess.  i didn't plan for anything.  or cook. or clean. or cut up anyone's food. or feed any cats.

2.   giving me a jump start (tiny) on being healthy

although i didn't lose a ton of weight in that week, i did manage to lose a few more pounds once i got home.  i've been pretty stable this past week; but in all honesty, this past week was a lot less what i wanted out of it with different ailments that came my way and some frustrations that sucked my motivation. 

3.  makes me think twice about pushing myself or eating better

yesterday my 1/2 sandwich and salad (!) came with fries.  of which i ate TWO.  that's not like me.   and i only ate those 2 fries because i could, and to see if i would care.  (i didn't).
i have had such little sugar since i've come home.  i only went to starbucks for a mocha (nonfat; light whip) the other day b/c quite frankly not much was going right that day and i wanted SOMETHING.
my friend ate a full-sized snickers in front of me, and i didn't care at all.  i have a lot more willpower than i woulda thought.
[confession:  i did have a small brownie the other day- but even so doing that- i was in all my limits for calorie/fat intake etc]
i ran with my friend on a 10k trail.  we had a little walk warm up.  and we ran 2 miles.  then i walked a little more and ran another 2 1/2 miles.  that is not like me. 
truthfully, though, it was just one of those really good runs.  the weather and my body were cooperating together.  it was "easy" enough.  if i didn't psyche my brain about the tunnels that were coming up- i prob'ly could've even run more.

4.  showed me a new and gorgeous place to travel!

Salt Lake City is pretty gorgeous y'all:
snowshoeing! at Mill Creek Canyon

walked 8 miles! at City Creek Canyon

hiked 6 miles up a different part of Mill Creek Canyon
and i've never seen this much snow:
at Snowbird Resort (easy day)

so now i have a new life goal!
i will do my best to make sure littlegirl (and ME of course) gets to travel to every state.
and i can't wait for that to begin!

although we all went to Florida last summer, we're getting ready to go back in a few weeks and that will be very vacation like.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That's a great goal! I'm sure there are lots of cool things you guys can find.