Monday, January 6, 2014


ah yes.
intentions are grand, aren't they.
i've been waiting til' the bean goes back to school so i can blog a little bit about the living room update, or how i feel about Dr. New Guy. or how the holidays were. or just about anything...
guess what?  they canceled school. for today AND tomorrow. due to cold weather.

you northerners up there just got a little more fodder for jokes, didn't you?

this happened to me once before when i was a teacher.  the busstop forecast was unheard of around these parts (single digit temps and negative {single digit} windchills).
it is happening again. for the next 2 days we will have a high of 27.

i know that's considered Autumn for some of you.

i *think* what may have happened is they were intending for it to "snow" in the middle of the night....  which (of course) did not happen.  but to give everyone ample warning about closures went ahead and called off the two days.  tomorrow is supposed to be even colder than today.  with 6am temps at 9 degrees/ -3 chill.

i will say that i am at least glad it didn't end up snowing.  though i wasn't really thinking it would actually amount to anything you could play in- i'm glad it did stay away.  b/c the bean- who was sick much of the last week of school- missed the last day of school and apparently left her great winter/snow coat in the classroom.
that would have just been ironic.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Congrats on the Clemson win! We watched part of the game. My alma mater won too, but not in nearly as impressive of a bowl.
So, my dad thought they might close our schools tomorrow for the cold. He said because the buses would have a really hard time starting in such cold temperatures, so maybe it was because of the big buses? Just a thought.