Tuesday, December 24, 2013

tis the season

so as much as i've wanted to un-neglect my blog, it's been a little busy these past few days/weeks with christmas prep.

shopping was done, volunteering at the school, room-momming, the bean was in her holiday recital.  she got sick.  The Mr. is battling "this little girl cold", the in-laws are here (again; as they came for the recital just last week) & i've been hostessing, baking, eating, baking, The Mr. has been cleaning! and i've been baking.  intermixed with some game-playing with my little brother (in-law).

overall, things are good.
nothing more than the usual holiday stress (fun kind) right now; with the sick stress rolled in.  that's made things slightly less pleasant; but there's not a pill i can take for that.

i'm really excited to see the bean's face when she sees what Santa brought her.  i'm looking forward to stealing my F-I-L's ipad for candy crushing trying to relax in between the rest of the cooking prep & holiday fun.  and, because the wonderful people in movie-land have been so kind enough to keep Frozen on the big screen right now, we *may* re-instate The Mr.'s family tradition of going to a movie on xmas!  it will be the bean's first experience in a real movie theater.  that will be fun!

okay. back to my breakfast prep.
i hope your holidays are enjoyable & safe!
see you next year!!

(The Mr. & i are going to have a small R&R time right after the holiday, too!  so much to look forward to!)

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like things are going well! Except for the sickness. It's a rough time of year for that stuff. Hope you had a great Christmas, and your relaxing trip went well!