Friday, November 22, 2013

these days

just a super quick update to say Hi! I'm still here.
all is well.

it's been the better part of a month, and i've started my new meds (#3!) and i think i can say i'm noticing a difference.  i can't account for why i have had a couple of sluggish days in the past week, or why my motivation plummeted after being so awesome these past two weeks since The Mr. was down under again.
but i can say that even though i was sluggish & unmotivated, it wasn't as though i *felt* depressed.

the last time The Mr. was in Australia, i had just begun welllbutrin.  i was reluctant to go on these new meds (pristiq) right before he left, however, the 2 weeks prior to his leaving i felt i was slipping into a funk.

this time of year- from october-jan 2nd- is always my pick-me-up time.  i love it.  looking forward to things & planning occasions is usually enough to keep me balanced.  last year, though, i was OK, i noticed it wasn't quite the same as i'm used to.  this year i feel more like my autumn self. 
so when i was starting to slump, i decided to begin my meds.  The Mr. joined the rest of you people and bought a smart phone so that it would have global calling abilities, should i need him.
i think the fact that i had my whatever episode last time was enough for me to really encourage that.

the past few weeks while he was gone, i was extremely motivated to exercise & eat (somewhat) decently.  even when the bean was having some really bad days & being a terror, i kept everything at bay and didn't let that rile me up like i would have before.

The Mr. is on his way home now, and we are truly looking forward to next week.  he'll work from home the first part of the week & hope for an "easy" time.  The girl & i will try to occupy ourselves and have playdates before we venture to g'ville for our thanksgiving holidays.
we are all so very excited to be together & dare i think--- relax!!

i hope you can do the same.
enjoy your families & friends.

see you in december....

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Pregnantly Plump said...

You sound good! Glad you are feeling better, and things are going well. I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving week!