Friday, May 11, 2012

to the idiot next to me at Moe's

Dear Idiot,
How adorable that your 3(?) year old was sleeping in the backseat at dinner time.  All the windows are rolled down because yes, we are having a nice day today, aren't we.  How very prudent of you to send your teenage son in to grab dinner for everyone while you continued your phone conversation so that your son could continue to sleep.

But wait!  Your 3year old is snuggled up next to the door.  How is that possible?  OOOhhhh!!! Right!  I guess if you don't have your 3year old in neither a car seat nor a seatbelt (wtf??), it would be possible, and maybe even comfortable to use the back door as a resting place.

Are you kidding me??

Oh!  I see.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  I guess the Jesus fish magnet on the bumper, coupled with the paying extra for the "in god we trust" license plate is all the protection you need as you pull out of the restaurant still talking on the cell phone.

Silly me.  I take back all my talk of your irresponsibility.  
So happy for you that you can put all of your trust in the Lord.
I mean, you know... because accidents in GA never happen.  We are in the Bible Belt, no? 

a concerned mom who wishes I had the police number programmed in my cell phone because your license plate is burning a hole in my brain as i want so much to report you to someone.  

30 minutes later, i see on Yahoo! a news story about a chinese toddler who accidentally opened the car door and fell into a busy intersection.     see what i mean.... are you kidding me???  (sorry, the link didn't go to that story, but to the general "odd news" section)

[sidenote] Kinda reminds me of the age-old joke about the dude in the flood who "trusts the Lord will take care of him".  2 boats and a helicopter offer to rescue him; for him to refuse b/c of his faith in the Lord...... dude decided to ask God at the Pearly Gates what could've happened...

[sidenote 2] i love these people who love the Lord so much who can exemplify such behaviors with their cars.  i bet these 2 ladies are friends.



Pregnantly Plump said...

People are nuts. Sometimes I don't think they really think, you know? I, on the other hand, am an overthinker.
I know someone who said that she texts while driving with her son in the car. She knows it's bad, but I guess can't help herself. She's older than I am, and should definitely know better.

Jesse Weinberger said...

Love this one - you're 100% right, again!!