Wednesday, February 29, 2012

scratchin' my head

seen while shopping:

a typical 4door sedan with 2 bumper stickers:
"honk if you wanna see my t!ts" &
"if you think i look good, imagine how i taste"

then on the license plate, they paid extra for the "in god we trust"

i'm all for funny. and crude jokes are OK too. but even before being a mom, i was never a fan of calling attention to crassness.
i'm not exactly a prude, but i do think those bumper stickers have left out any subtlety & crossed a line. add to that the god thing- it just made me stop and say hmmmmm


Leanne said...

I agree. It's kinda weird. When ever I see this kinda stuff I think really, if you have to ask on a bumper sticker? The answer should be a negative one. Just sayin'.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I agree. Haven't seen one of those before, but when we were in Virginia, we saw someone with a bumper sticker about how much her ex-wife sucked and took him for a lot of money. It had to have been specially made, and was just so weird. I told Bob that he must have been really bitter.