Monday, February 27, 2012

thoughts on re-writing the calendar

i appreciate the feedback on changing Valentine's Day to suit other families.

i guess i'm pretty much a stooge. but maybe not the only one.

my first thought was: poor girl! she has 3 older brothers, so on v-day, she was going to listen to their excitement, and her excitement has passed. i mean, not many 4 year olds can remember and appreciate "oh, ok. i already had my party" i mean- they ask if it's christmas yet- the day after christmas, no?

then i thought: since when did valentine's day become a huge HOLIDAY and nothing more than the excitement of stuffing shoeboxes that were decorated with too much glue, lace and hearts with little cards.... and the hope that the teacher (or one rich kid) would give a lollipop?

and i do know that these parties i am talking about are for mother's morning out programs (as opposed to all day day-care); many parents don't work outside of the home, or have flexible schedules. but when these parties happen in elementary school- i don't expect to be invited [or expected] to come.

yes, i know how things have changed since i was growing up; but wow. little j came home with candy that rivaled halloween. every parent has to outdo each other and send goody bags for gosh's sakes! the food at the party was sweet-laden and plentiful. (luckily it was way more balanced than halloween's party; which if one parent didn't bring in a tray of CFA nuggets, nothing "lunch-y" would've been eaten at all. it was all sweets!)

i remember last year in the 2yo class thinking it was ridiculous to have Vday at all..... it's not like they had any notion to get cards for friends, much less read/write them.

when i taught 1st grade, i usually had a parent want to bring in cupcakes, but that was it. the rule at school was they had to eat the cupcakes at lunch. other than that it was the good old-fashioned dropping cards in to their friends' bags. it was exciting enough to do vday activities in math & reading and have a special "break" for the "party"

oh, and don't even get The Mr. started on this, or even birthday parties! i am routinely in his wrath every year because i do re-write the calendar and have her party on a nearby saturday.


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Pregnantly Plump said...

I agree about parents going all out for the holidays. This year, Little Elvis took Valentines that I bought at the store. No candy, no goodie bag, no pencils, no bracelets, etc. It was crazy! There were goodie bags and cups at Halloween, too! I brought popcorn or pretzels to both parties, but only because the teacher asked.