Tuesday, February 14, 2012

re-writing the calendar


yesterday, little j's occupational therapist told me that her 4year old already had her valentine's party at preschool..... LAST WEDNESDAY.

i really am interested in your reactions.
then i will share mine.

to give any amount of "background" info, when i asked the OT why?? she said "i really don't know. i think they know that most of us have older kids & want to give us a chance to be in the schools for their parties"



Pregnantly Plump said...

It doesn't really bother me, especially if the reason is so parents can make other parties. Although, at Little Elvis' pre-school, you only did one holiday party and you could pick which one. So, you could make sure there were no overlaps.
I also might not have issues since Little Elvis' birthday is so close to Valentine's Day. We have so much going on that time anyway.

Leanne said...

Really? I think the holiday should be celebrated on the holiday. If my kid's teacher changed the date, I'd probably miss the whole thing....

bocki said...

so the 4 year olds don't get a party on actual valentines day? tragic. also, i missed the memo that parents are supposed to attend preschool valentines parties. lastly, if it's for the sake of the older kids, at what age do we STOP attending their valentine's parties?