Monday, May 7, 2012

stunned emotion

The Mr. and i are both upset at the news of losing Adam Yauch to cancer---  MCA of the Beastie Boys (in case you really haven't heard!).

The Mr. was coming home from San Diego last week, and just landed when he saw the guy in front of him was watching news on their seat TV's & i immediately got a text telling me the news.  it was heartwrenching.
i immediately shared the news with my friend becky that i was IM'ing and i felt so stunned.

which, i will admit, is kind've odd---  considering he's been battling cancer for 3 years.  and i was sad and worried to hear that he didn't get to go to the Hall of Fame awards where they just got inducted (yay!).  so, it's not like it was completely unexpected.
but, i guess just hearing about the news just stunned me.

The Mr. & i got to see them 3x together;  and The Mr. one other time before he came to clemson when they performed a couple of songs at lollapalooza. 
the first time i saw them was the night before my 30th birthday.  the other 2 of those times were shows in Denver where, yes..  we planned our vacation in '07 just for the Beastie Boys.  and boy, am i glad we did that!  it was so awesome watching them perform at Red Rocks.  and then the next night in a more intimate venue- a club called the Fillmore.  

no doubt this is akin to when the world heard the news of john lennon.  or even jim morrison.

but, i mean....  when i heard Coldplay's tribute yesterday-  The Mr. said it well.  it was, indeed, moving.

something about hearing that song in a whole new way.

i am most sad to think that they are just over.
i feel so sad for Mike D and Adrock.  they are all seriously talented, incredible live performers, and brought a lot of fun to music!

i hope Adam Yauch's family, friends, and everyone can heal.... soon.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

The video is great! I like that. I called Bob as soon as I heard. I like the Beastie Boys, but I didn't realize he was so sick.
The boys have "Intergalactic" on their playlist, and it's Baby Plum's favorite.

Angella said...

That was AMAZING. Thanks for posting it.

funky boss said...

so many awesome memories. great post.

Marta said...

That is truly a great video. It's amazing what a reach music can have to each and everyone of us. He will live on through that.