Thursday, May 3, 2012

persons unknown

seems that The Mr. and i haven't quite made our mark yet...

our mailman mistakenly delivered magazines to us b/c both of our address #s is 170.  so littlegirl and i went on a stroll so i could put them in the right mailbox.  the lady was outside and as i gave them to her, we talked for a few minutes.  

first, she said she's getting ready for the "neighborhood yard sale"  which, of course, i know nothing about.  
then, she asked where i live.  when i told her, she said "oh the Smiths??" to which i responded "yes, the Smiths house ten years ago".  of course, that prompted her to ask how long we've lived here.  
that would be 10 years.

when i met my first friend in the neighborhood about 7 years ago, i had the same reaction.  she asked if we just moved in.  i said "no, we've lived here for 3 years now"

granted we don't have an HOA in our neighborhood, so i don't know anyone either.  so i'm not sure how i was to know about the yard sales and such.  but still.  The Mr. are out and about in our n'hood waaaaay more than most people.  we always work outside or take walks.
in one instance, i was referred as "oh! you're the lady with the stroller!"

i was just telling my friend that when we lived in our apartment, i couldn't wait  to be in a neighborhood so i can meet neighbors....

**and i got the title idea from a great little show that shouldn't have been canceled that The Mr. and i only just discovered on Netflix streaming.  guess we've been too busy hanging out with our neighbors.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think most neighborhoods are like that, although ours has been mking a real effort of late. I would love to have a good buddy within walking distance.

Leanne said...

Ah, that's too bad. I think my kids made friends first in our 'hood, and then I tagged along to see what they were up too and the relationships just grew from there. Oh yeah, and possibly also because we have these large ditches that everyone needs help in the winter getting pushed out of, those are bonding moments too. Sigh.