Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 in '12

in no particular order, my aspirations for this year:
  1. run my first 10K (and it's ok, too, if it's my last!) March 10th
  2. take a month-long gym class called "Butts & Gutts" currently in progress
  3. work with my trainer again when B&G is over. hopefully begin in Feb.
  4. cash in my groupon for five! body wraps. i've thought to do this for a long time, and the groupon was just too good to pass up! i will be blogging about this process. i am the only one i know to use this service! 1st one in Feb.
  5. i will be doing something special for The Mr.'s birthday; however, i won't blog about that until June. (no spoilers here)
  6. going with my BFF for our 3rd annual galpal getaway! this time we will be zip-lining through some trees in Asheville, NC. this spring
  7. grow out my nails again
  8. run 30 miles in the next 4 weeks- as per my goal on Nikeplus.com. (i'm loving my nano 6 with nike fitness The Mr. gave me for xmas this year!) running tomorrow. hopefully 4 miles or so...
  9. also joining the nike challenge to run 212 miles in 2012. i'm 18.25 miles in
  10. try to find inspiration & decisions toward my next [part time] job. (my baby will be going to school in 2 short years! what will i do with all that free time???)
  11. learn more about my new little camera i bought in time for thanksgiving. (sony cybershot)
  12. use said knowledge on our AMAZING trip to europe (still yet unplanned) for our 10th wedding anniversary. (what??? already?) early fall/late summer


Pregnantly Plump said...

Looks like a great list! I've done a body wrap before and it was very relaxing. Not sure that I lost any inches, but I did enjoy the nice, warm nap.

Leanne said...

You're making me tired. Sigh.

bocki said...

10th anniversary!! where does the time go. Great list of 12 things. I might just have to imitate :) Good job, keep up the great work.