Tuesday, October 11, 2011

more WTF

since i don't have FB or twitter, i guess i can just post my ramblings here.

i just spent the better part of 30 minutes calling and re-calling and re-calling some "Emergency Medical Billing & Coding" company regarding The Mr.'s fine day in the ER a month ago.

they are (of course) completely automated. down to the message that was on our machine that told me to call them "concerning our account". so i did. duh.
after waiting through the "para espanol...nueve" bit & the "all of our representatives are currently busy- your call is extremely important to us" and that cycle 4 times intermittent with muzak, the robot lady proudly then exclaims "goodbye!" (extremely important, huh??)

in the meanwhile, i'm online looking at my credit statement to make sure that omg! did something happen to our credit card- have we been declined??

so no less than 8 cycles of that BS and "goodbye!"s, i FINALLY get to a dude. it was a pretty crackly connection. after all that- i led with "ummmm fix your system dude b/c i just had to call 9x to connect to you after waiting on hold each time". he seemed unimpressed. (of course)

the call? it was to tell me what i owe. he wanted me to know what insurance covered and what our portion was. you know- the exact same thing that was printed on the BILL.
that i PAID. last week. before it was overdue!

i was less than pleasant when i just told the guy, "you mean i dealt with this for 1/2 an hour to be told what i already know- even though my bill is not overdue?"



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That's frustrating. How is Ben? Hope he's feeling better.