Thursday, September 1, 2011

handling some chaos

i've been lax in posting, because the past couple of weeks have been busy.
we planned, packed for, and took a vacation (sans Bean!) and this week was spent getting back into routines & other stuff.

so it dawned on me over the course of the last week or so that i needed to update things.

since i've last posted, i'd been busy organizing the trip which included leaving the bean in a different state with my sister who doesn't have many kid-sized things. (turns out, she didn't use much of the toys or any of the food items i brought. the kitchen items, i think were appreciated)

we also had our friends over for grilling out & swimming. that night, The Mr. burned his fingertips on the grilled potato foil pouch. (OUCH. poor guy!)
meanwhile, he had also played soccer the tuesday before (the day, actually, that i posted) and got elbowed pretty good in the back. i think he casually mentioned this to me a few days later on thursday.
saturday (the day we had company) he decided to run most of his normal 6+mile route. except, this time, his back hurt him greatly, so he walked home.
didn't make a big deal of it (of course!) and proceeded to do ALL of the yardwork, including weeding & cutting the bushes (thus lots of bending)

... y'all, i had no idea he was going that far with the yard work, i swear!

sunday he ran again (with the burned fingers) & came home and said his back was super sore. all day long. yet, he insisted on playing with the bean in the pool..... holding her the whole time. in the deep end. swimming, holding her, & letting her balance by holding on to the diving board.

sunday night he even got out of bed to get the bean when she needed to go potty. i was completely unaware, and quite annoyed when i found out later that i was not called upon to help.

in any case, 4:30 am rolls around and The Mr. (poor guy!) is in complete and utter pain. i'd never seen him like that before! not even when he got hit while riding his bike, and he has the "shark bite" gash in his leg to show for it.
i asked if he would please PLEASE go to a doctor afterall! he (finally) conceded. so i asked if we should go now. of course, his reply was "no"
that reply quickly changed not 10 minutes later when he had no choice.

i guess he preferred to go to the ER in style via a 911 call! we joke about it now, but no. that indeed was not funny- when he passed out! was the most horrendous 45 seconds of my life. (and possibly his?) and that includes one hellish labor story!

[i'd like to interrupt this drama by remarking how AMAZING amazing our 3yo little girl is! the girl who used to wake up when The Mr. walked upstairs slept through all of the yelling (pain), screaming (fear), panicked phone call, several trips downstairs to gather items, 5 big men coming upstairs in less-than-quiet fashion (including taking a cellphone call outside of her bedroom door!), walking The Mr. down & strapping him to a loud jostly gurney!!]

ok. so i guess i didn't interrupt the drama, but just spilled it all to you.
oh, and this all occured the day before taking our much anticipated, long awaited vacation.


so monday was spent shuttling back and forth & just general dealing with all that comes from a 911 call at 5am. we debated about the vacation, and ultimately decided to go.
sure, it changed some of our plans (like bike rides & hiking), but it would still be a vacation, which is the important part of the idea!

the vacation was not without it's own mini-chaos. we spent the first 1/2 worried about the condition of The Mr.'s back pain & the second 1/2 wondering about getting home. our flight was via JFK in NYC, which even though we had the foresight to cut our vacay a little short & go on an earlier flight, obv, that all changed when NYC shut down a day early.

i am so terribly sorry for the devastation that hurricane Irene caused in NC & New England! it is truly unbelievable to see all the flooding in VT & hear about all the power outages along the eastern seabord.

our vacation was actually spent in VT & we spent one night in Montreal. i kept the whole thing in stride, knowing that THIS problem wasn't really all that bad considering we weren't in the eye of the hurricane! (not yet anyway)
as we all know, the storm lessened after it gave NC a big beating. (my niece's college and apartment was pretty torn up in the whole event, though i haven't heard about all the actual damage). i figured if we can't get out Til Tuesday (hush hush) then we'd just have bonus vacation, and i would worry about being huddled scared in a hotel basement when it comes barreling to VT later.

of course, that's not how things ended up. once NYC shut down, we really figured that no, we couldn't just stay and hang out in a storm situation for extra days just for "fun". so we dealt with a lot of old PRTM majors trying to take us tourists back home. some were more helpful/understanding than others. it took both The Mr. & my bright ideas combined to ultimately decide that from montreal we were going to leave our luggage at the now over-booked hotel, drive back to VT to return our rental car (thanks a lot, "Thrafty"!), take their shuttle to the airport, hang out for a few hours, buy (what appeared to be the very last) 2 tickets on greyhound and go immediately BACK to canada to walk to get our luggage & take a taxi to the (incredibly awesome) marriott attached to the airport so we could fly out of montreal the next morning.

hindsight is great. because 3 of the 3 alternative flights we had booked in the course of all this were either canceled or delayed 3+ hours.

i kinda sound like a douche whining about this, when i know many people were actually affected by the hurricane! i know it was frustrating, but i'm very thankful that it was never horrifying. (not like the 45 seconds before all the vacation began!)

so, i guess my meds are holding up. i'm not sure what it would've changed if i hadn't been on them. but we dealt with what the most chaotic/dramatic week we'd experienced thusfar. but even in my most depressive days, i usually can keep things in perspective. i always recognize that many many people have things far worse off! & i can usually find something to be thankful about regarding my situation(s).
it always makes me feel so GD selfish for being "depressed" at all.

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