Tuesday, August 16, 2011

been okay

just a quick FYI, since writing the last post, i've had no more crying jags.
i know i had felt a little sullen a few times, but that was it.
i guess i wouldn't up my dose for that little bit.

the bean was fine on that day, actually. she woke up too early, but woke up happy. and played contentedly for a loooonnnnnnggggg time & let me rest/doze on the couch. that helped me a lot. and the afternoon went better than i would have expected.

it was nice when The Mr. came home. it felt comforting. (and that, is a great feeling!)
the weekend went by pretty quickly (thus no update... sorry i left ya hangin) and we went to visit some of my giant family.
actually, that was the first time we'd seen them in more than a year & a half, and the bean handled the large crowd very well. that was great!

The Mr. was great at soothing her & getting her to sleep in the hotel. this was the first time we stayed in one where she wasn't in a portacrib. and she's becoming more & more sensitive to sounds/fear. she didn't really like being in her own part of the suite at first. but all went well.

so hooray.
i have therapy today.
right now i feel a little muddled- but i know once i get started, things will be fine.

thanks for checking in.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Glad things are ok. Hope they become better soon.