Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i am not a friend of facebook.
incidentally, i just heard how "unfriend" is the word of the year for the oxford dictionary. i can't say that i have unfriended facebook, because i've never actually joined.

i realize this makes me a bit of an outcast, because i'm one of 2 people that i know personally who doesn't use facebook. The Mr. being the other.

i've been asked by a few of my friends why i won't join, and now i'll pretend you asked as well:
  1. i know i would get addicted.
  2. i already know how few friends i have that i keep in sorry contact with in real life, i don't need a reminder on the internet as well. (email is enough of a reminder)
  3. on the same note, i don't care to "collect" friends. everyone i know is "friends" with someone that they would never be with for real. & i've seen someone's page with friend requests from someone they have never even heard of. (that's what i mean by collecting)
  4. it's hard enough for me to keep my two blogs up to date. i realize quite a few of the blogs i read of people i know personally are never updated because it's so much easier to do it on FB. that makes me sad. but i'm fairly regular with the little bean's blog... even though her gramma is on FB, it's my way of checking in.
  5. my friend has tried many times to get me to join, and let me know that a lotta my family is on there, too! ..... need i say more?

although, if the world would like to follow some changes, perhaps i could be persuaded to join so i could see my friends' happenings & stop wasting time going to their blog that hasn't been updated this whole year.

  1. if FB would re-vamp how to search for someone, it would be so much more helpful. anybody that i would be curious about, it seems they have too normal of a name: jeff smith, anyone? but if i could search by inputting everything i know about someone & get hits that way to narrow the field ... well- maybe then i'd be persuaded. because although it'd be great to know what jeff is up to these days, i am not going to sift through thousands of them for the privilege.
  2. not that i ever spent a ton o' time at, but i liked how there was a little blurb about the people (if they wanted to share) and you had to pay to hear about the rest of it... most of the time i would search someone just to see if they have kids or where they live or whatever. it would be so much easier to spy on them than to friend them, see the info, and never talk with them again. (doesn't sound like a "friend" to me).
  3. and as for my spying- it would be fine if they were notified that i looked at their public profile. i don't need to hide it from them. that way if they were thinking: "oh, wow. i haven't thought of mpotter in years!" then they could see mine before friending me as well. i see it goes both ways.
  4. and what about the people that don't have a picture? so, hmm, i should randomly friend a blank jeff smith in the hopes & unlikelihood that it is THE ONE?
  5. or as bad as that, what about all the pictures of babies out there? if a main point of FB is to reconnect with long lost pals, how would i know if jeff had a kid or seven? and if i saw a jeff smith with an adorable baby picture--- well, same thing applies. (maybe at least put yourself in there with the kid since it's your profile??)

... so there you have it. i'm sure you won't miss me on FB at all.

& don't even get me started on twitter....


Funky Boss said...

Only thing I hate more than Facebook and Twitter whores is Blackberry thumbs dude.

I sat next to one on the plane Monday and I swear he was blackberrying so fast we was starting the engine of the plane. He even did the "I'm gonna hold up a magazine in front of my blackberry so the flight attendent can't see me finish this super import text". What troubles me more is that I'm sitting to more and more of these dudes each week.

Anyways, there's the only one friend I'd want on Facebook if I was on it, but she doesn't want to join either. ;)

Pregnantly Plump said...

You can add me to you short list of non facebookers. I had a myspace account for work and felt so old!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

See, here's my problem with Facebook. I forget I have an account until I read a blog post about it. Then I run off to FB to look up old boyfriends, to see if they've gotten bald and fat, but then I get sidetracked reading people's updates.

Stay away from the crack. It's addictive.

Lainey-Paney said...

Hubby & I don't FB either.

El Cheese said...

i am a huge fan of facebook. it has gotten me in touch with lots of family members I had lost touch with over the years. It's nice to be able to see their updated pics and see what they've been up to. I also like that I've been able to get back in touch with friends that I lost touch with after high school and college. Even friends I talk to and hang out with weekly, I still enjoy seeing their updated pics and what's going on with them. As for "friending", only keep it to those you know, and to those you don't want- hit ignore :-)