Friday, October 30, 2009

the making of The Mr.

#78 explained
so i told of his engagement, but it all started .............................with mine.

who knew!?

a long time ago, in a college far away, it was the dawn of the internet. so as you read, be aware that "internet dating" is so not the same!

yes. The Mr. & i met online. only online in 1994 isn't quite the same as it is now. online in 1994 consisted of Clemson's mainframe system where you could see the (few, student) users logged on at that time. i think 50 was even a lot at any given time. & talking to these users wasn't the same as opening up an I-M and typing to them.
no. we had commands to type in. i can never remember exactly, but it was something like:
se us bruf 'blahblahblah' and i think something else [enter]

crazy! (except, let it be known that my awesome pal mike did some tweaking to my account and made it so i could cut out some of that and just input:
to bruf "blahblahblah" [enter].....this little fact makes The Mr. very jealous of me).

longer story shorter is that one of The Mr.'s friends was talking to me and was leaving to go to dinner, and The Mr. had just walked in from dinner. when he asked what was going on, the friend said- here, talk to this girl. she's mpotter, she is one of 13 and she has striped eyelashes.......

so next thing i know, bruf writes to me: hey, aren't you the girl with the shaved eyebrows......... and like 7 sisters??

and that's how it all began. god how i wish i saved that convo. little did i know how important it would become. it was awesome. we talked for a pretty good while. and i was so ON. i'm not normally that funny- but he really is!! and we were both back and forth and i was saying some funny stuff.
and although he isn't one to pay compliments very often, in that conversation, he did. finally, he said, "you're funny!" and i replied, "marry me!" and his response was, "ok."

.................................... now, that was a great story to tell. and it coulda ended there. but a few days later, i inexplicably got some tuxedo info in my campus mailbox. it was for my "upcoming wedding". say it with me: ??????what?????
so of course i thought of bruf, and went to send it to him. i had to look him up in the phone book (remember those??) and when i did, i noticed that he has a sister that i sorta knew. so it didn't seem to me very stalkerish (pre internet) for me to send the card to him.

we talked for about a month before we met officially on oct. 27th in the ampitheatre at 1am. so many fun conversations over that silly mainframe. we would both brighten as we check the log to see who was on, and next thing you know, i would have "MPOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" come on my screen. to which i promptly would reply "BRUF!!!!!!!!!!"

we made plans for our first date- 15 years ago today. we were going to see Forrest Gump because he was the only person alive who hadn't. and while we were at it, let's go to the CU soccer game, too. and what to do in between an afternoon and evening date? just come hang out in my dorm room........

i got a VCR!!!!!

here's to you, 1994.
and here's to you, bruf. thank you for surviving the history with me.
thank you for guiding me, encouraging me, supporting me, helping me, teaching me.............................LOVING ME.
here's to another 15 years and thensome.


whatsabocki said...

good ol' TSO. that was a fun read. congratulations on 15 years. makes you feel so .... young.

funky boss said...

se us 'Don't you wish you could go back in time' mpotter

se us 'Like back to 82...errr 94' mpotter

mpotter said...

to bruf "yes! to be fun, lazy college students.....falling in love all over again"

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a great how we met story! I met Bob at a party. No excitement there. Congrats on the 15 years together!

Anonymous said...

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