Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a new battle for anti-aging

we all know how we have stupid warnings on products (ie: McDonald's coffee- caution, contents are HOT..... hairdryers- do not use while bathing).
and you just know they are on there for a reason.

the craving & desire for the "fountain of youth" i think may have stooped a little far.
if any of you out there uses the
Olay Regenerist line of products, i implore you to read the back label of them. if you click the link, you see that it is definitively the "anti aging products" category.

i first noticed on my foundation the same warning that is also on the moisturizers that i bought.
"children under 6mos of age, please consult a doctor"

this is really just wrong on so many levels!

unfortunately, i couldn't get a good picture of either of the 3 products. just trust me.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

But don't you just hate it when a 6 month old looks like a 10 month old? Someone's got to keep that baby looking half her age.