Sunday, August 7, 2011

a month plus

it's been a little over a month; and i guess that's about the time where many people start to feel the effects of their medicines for depression. am i just begrudging everything myself? because i am still very non-commital to how this is affecting me.

the past week or so have been good/fine. again- things in my life vs. meds, it's really hard to tell. last week i had both therapy & my dr. appt to discuss celexa, and to both of them, i explained pretty much everything i've been saying here- that it's hard for me to know.

i've ALWAYS been so up & down at different times with no pattern to be seen. and right now, i'm definitely up. but then, as i've mentioned, i've lost weight & kept it off. The Mr. is showing kindness & affections, and i've planned quite a few excursions for myself/our family. (in fact, i recently got back from visiting my BFF in charleston!) the hour massage i had today didn't hurt my mood, either.

my doc wanted to know if i should up the dosage, but we agreed that since i'm not feeling bad with the meds, and life is OK for now, i should just keep on keepin' on. but i will call her if i slip into another bad week & then i'll be told to have 1.5 pills each day.

i will say that my side effects i've basically forgotten about. so either the meds have made me accustomed to them, or they were my normal side effects from depression. (i mentioned at the start of all this that my insomnia-related problems began a few weeks before the medicine began)

maybe drowsiness has increased. The Mr. worked from home every day last week except for monday. he so wonderfully & graciously allowed me to sleep in til 8:30! (Thanks, bean for sleeping in, too) yesterday i was suuuuupppper lazy. and had a wonderful nap listening to a wonderful summer storm.

libido has been appropriate. there when it should be. there's been a lot of "moot point" days.

insomnia has been better. for the past week & 1/2, i have been able to get back to sleep, even after getting the bean & taking her to the bathroom.

so, does celexa work for me?
for now, i guess so. at least, it doesn't hurt.

i just know that i don't wanna go back and forth trying a buncha different medications. this will probably be my one good shot.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Glad things are looking up! Hope they continue.