Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new symptom?

it is way too early in the AM for me to be blogging about Celexa!

i am not sure if i have stumbled upon a new symptom or not, but this has happened twice now in the past week or 2; what i can only describe as 'being aware of my heartbeat'.

oh, and by the way, i'm like queen of oddball symptoms that lead to nothing.
i'll get strange sensations/pains in strange places sometimes that go away without any further cause for worry. some research thinks that's part of depression.
i have no idea.

this is akin to having your heart race. only, the first time it happened recently, i woke The Mr. to ask him if my heart was indeed racing. he used the only stethoscope that he has available to him at 3am and put his ear to my chest. (not as sexy as that sounds- ha)
then he drummed for me what he could hear. and it all seemed just perfectly fine.

one might suggest that it's anxiety.
however, i assume (and believe w/ any anxiety i've had in the past) that anxiety usually comes with angst.

the first time it happened, there was no real catalyst that i figured that night.
tonight it began with yiminy (our cat). i woke up to hearing doh (our other cat) growling & cowering b/c yim was pinning her down.
anytime i'm startled awake, i feel my heart race. isn't that adrenaline?

however, even 1/2 hour later it didn't subside. usually it would have by now.
there is no pain involved. and truly no angst. i'm thinking no thoughts i don't normally think sometimes. thoughts i shouldn't, stupid memories, things to do.
and though that may seem like anxiety, in the past when i've felt anxious, there was an underlying reason or a bigger feel of panic. my mind truly isn't the cause right now.

the only "cure" i've used these 2 times have been to sit upright & read or blog to take my mind off of it. purge whatever thoughts and wait for sleep to come back to me.

The Mr. will not be happy when he reads this. but i didn't want to call... there's nothing to be done.

i'll mention it to my doctor and know that like most of my oddball things in the past, nothing will come of it.

as long as i'm here:
insomnia- well, i didn't try very long so i won't tip the scale, but i'll call this one a 4.
dry mouth- 3
libido- moot
nausea- 1
drowsiness- 1.5, though of course tomorrow that will rise.

the good news: my heart has returned to normal.
the bad news: i just took a 7 minute break dealing with a 3yo potty break (yay for her!)
so now that i've been vertical and mumbly-vocal, my insomnia will not pass so easily.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

It sounds awful. I'm sorry. Hope that tonight goes better.