Saturday, July 23, 2011

3 weeks plus

so this past week was/is hard for me.
probably a lot of factors were involved, and the crux of it is that i just didn't feel OK just because of the medicine. in fact, in some ways, it was more depressing--- just because i feel like i'm trying EVERYTHING. (even meds, which i did not want to go to!)
it doesn't help that i had another week alone. after having The Mr. home for about 2 months with no travel, i couldn't help but get spoiled. and begin my [serious] quest for getting better. i began eating better, exercising, etc....
having him gone just throws me into a different kind of loop.
plus not having any break at all (since it's summer, i don't get my tuesday mornings).

in fact, i went to lunch today b/c The Mr. & i were tired of her whining incessantly just because we have the audacity to- um, parent- her! so i went alone. and that was the first hour i'd had to myself in three weeks. unless you count the hour when everyone slept before her birthday party. but since i was cooking & preparing..... no, i don't count that!

let's add to the fact that with The Mr. traveling, and my 2 friends having different obligations these past few weeks, has left me NO time to go to therapy.

i guess i did all this stuff while i had a lot of opportunity to, and then BAMMO! it all ended pretty abruptly.

i have grand plans for September, and am very much looking forward to my not one, but three mornings a week! and that's always aided in my depression. still, my trips & plans aren't here yet. so i manage.

so, in a nutshell, is Celexa working for me? how in the hell am i really supposed to tell?

overall, my stats lately could be compiled as:
insomnia- maybe a 3. i've been waking early or in the middle of the night (sometimes without reason) & that's been a challenge for me going back to sleep in a timely manner since the bean came along.

dry mouth- comes & goes. some days it's a 1. right at this moment it's a 4. so maybe i'll say 3

libido- has been a moot point, so it's hard to determine. i guess it's appropriately here (enough) when it needs to be. not sure if The Mr. would complain...

nausea- 1

drowsiness- gosh, this one's hard, too. it also comes and goes. but i will say it's the one that i notice more often when it's the afternoon and i just need a nap. but i dunno- would you feel that way if you had a whiny 3year old still prone to tantrums that won't nap herself? in any case, i guess i'll give this one a 3.5
it seems that most of the time if i'm involved with doing something, i can be just fine. it's when the end of rest time comes that i feel it the most. maybe it's a little longing on my part. (ha)

from what my prescribing doc & my therapist has told me & what the wonderful world of google has led me to believe, it generally takes up to 6 weeks to feel a mark of progress.

so bring on week 4.
The Mr. will be gone again, but i have grand plans of bringing the bean to the beach to visit my longtime BFF! (Constantine will be taking care of the cats!) although it will be sad (he won't get to witness all the fun) & stressful (he won't be there for the travel help or general 2 parents can be easier than one especially in a different place), i will be highly anticipating hanging out w/ my friend and her daughter as we vent, laugh, eat & experience fun things with our girls!

hopefully i will feel more like myself!


Pregnantly Plump said...

I hope your beach trip is fun! Maybe Jovie will enjoy an all girls weekend!
This is a stupid suggestion, but today my headaches have been much better. It's because I got myself a Dr. Pepper. Is there something you normally enjoy that you haven't had recently? I hate to admit it, but the caffeine and sugar were a welcome treat to my system.
Hopefully week 6 will be here before you know it.
Do any churches in your area have Mother's Day Out? Our church charges $15 for something like 4 or 5 hours. Lots of moms here do it to get a little "me" time. I know the summer's almost over, but it could still help out if you needed it.

mpotter said...

hooray for caffeine!

our only mother's morning out programs (that i'm aware of) is the one she will/did go to during the school year.

thanks for rooting for me!

be WELL.