Thursday, July 7, 2011

day 7

just a quick check-in. again--- this is really for my record of being on Celexa. so when i go to the doctor in a month, i'll have an idea of it "working" or not.

drowsiness- 3.5; although i spent a lot of today sneezing my head off (unrelated) and that usually ups my tired.

insomnia- 2.5. i will say that last night was probably the first night in a really long time where when i was awake for an hour & a half, i was rested and not agitated at all my thoughts of to-do's, depression, problems, etc that is common for insomnia. so, yes, i was awake. but it wasn't horrible when i woke up for real this morning. [the bean also had another tough night. methinks she's really excited for her birthday coming! The Mr. was awesome again at taking care of her!]

libido- 1 (moot point, though)
dry mouth- 2.5
nausea- 2 at times. and generally not in the mood for much food until dinner where The Mr. grilled our chicken to perfection.

sorry for all the boring. more to come soon. let me just get the first week of the pill, activities, guests & general birthday-ness out of the way where i can develop some semblance of thoughts on an actual post.

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