Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 10

drowsiness: 4.5 was it last night's first full pill of Celexa, or the fact that i skipped lunch, sat in the sun & drank a woodchuck after a big, fun, tiring weekend?

libido: 3.5 The Mr. & i have really enjoyed this weekend, and i have received some very nice affections.

insomnia: 2.5 i have been waking & feeling less-than-rested; however i have gone back to sleep each time.

nausea: before 10 minutes ago, i'd have said 1. now, inexplicably, it is a 2.

dry mouth: 1.5


Angella said...


"and i have received some very nice affections."

Made me smile. :)

bocki said...

mee too!!! very classy!