Wednesday, July 6, 2011

day 6

i'm still in the half-pill stage.
actually, my first whole pill will be on the bean's THIRD birthday.
that right there is enough to send me into depression-oblivion!

anyway, i'm nervous for taking the whole thing b/c if i (may) already be affected by insomnia & drowsy, The Mr. is traveling that week for work.
(oh, hi--- my one reader. now you know he'll be gone. doubtful this is read by anyone else, but shall anyone happen upon this post, let me assure you that though The Mr. will be gone, my hulking lover Constantine [he will crush you!] will be coming back from his Mr. Heavyweight Championship on Sunday to keep me company of course)

with the few half-pills under my belt, i'm seeing/feeling no big progress. of course, i didn't expect anything different.
but last night i felt the same way i feel many times when i'm just disconnected. i went to bed agitated. of course i realize that the pill isn't going to cure all my woes in life.
it just sucks when i really think i'm doing about all i can do here, and still things (without warning) sometimes go in just the same way.


ok. so
insomnia- 1. actually, wasn't that bad, considering my agitated state. i did wake up a little early, but nothing insane. 6am can be considered normal for non-lazy people.
drowsy- 2
dry mouth- 2
nausea- 1.5
libido- 0 (moot point right now)


Pregnantly Plump said...

Constantine sounds fun. Long, flowing hair, or is he bald and menacing?
Hope the birthday party goes well!

bocki said...

2 readers. count 'em.